CATHARTIC DEMISE’s ‘In Absence’ Out Now and Streaming!

Progressive Death/Thrash Metal quartet CATHARTIC DEMISE have released new album In Absence. Purchase/stream the album at:

“A masterclass in classic progressive thrash music offering a unique sound that only Cathartic Demise can offer.” (4/5)
– Brutalism

“Built with raw energy and refined with a ferocity left unmatched by other bands. Anyone looking for a more niche variant of Thrash Metal, or anyone who has a penchant for rawness and splitting energy, this album is the pick of the litter.” (9/10)
– Metal Temple

“Very good album. If you are a fan of thrash metal, this band gives it a touch of freshness and innovation. Highly recommended.” (9.4/10)
– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine

“This is jaw dropping.” (9/10)
– Metal Noise

“An exhilarating listen. Awesome stuff from Cathartic Demise.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“In Absence is unquestionably one of the best melodic thrash albums I’ve heard in some time. For those who are big fans of the genre and are looking for a band that bring fresh ideas to the table whilst also maintaining the staple sounds of the genre to a high level.”
– Cave Dweller Music

“Fans of Thrashy Death Metal with a weakness for lively melodies should listen. Technically everything here is flawless. Wonderful melodies in abundance and a transparent production tailored to their body that is pleasant to hear at any time.”

“A very solid debut that showcases the band’s wide range and high level of execution.”
– Heavy Music Headquarters

“The musicianship is superior and the production is very good—a compliment to proficiency.”
– RebelNoise

“This impetuous and talented quartet rides fiery, swift and incisive music through their first LP.”
– Antichrist Magazine

“The sound of mid 80s thrash delivered with passion through quality tunes.”
– The Independent Voice

“The band is more in favor of that speed of yesteryear, but remarkably reformed with the instrumental gifts of its musicians. Aggressive, epic.”
– Metal Friends

“Thrash played by very talented musicians who seem to be having tons of fun.”
– Toilet ov Hell

In comparison to the band’s self-titled EPIn Absence still consists of the Melo/Prog/Death Thrash Metal elements, but with a more “mature” approach. The overall musicianship within the band improved, as well as the overall songwriting capabilities. In Absence features the same aggression as the self-titled EP, but brings an intense atmosphere with extreme tempos, and brisk riffs. This release heavily carries on the epic melodic sections heard previously, and even going further with more complex song structuring and longer tracks. Aside from the aggressive side of things, hints of experimentation can be heard, showing slower sections, and clean parts as well.

Track Listing

  1. With Lust
  2. 2. For Power [Official Video]
  3. Blade in the Dark [Lyric Video]
  4. Silence Within
  5. Pale Imitations
  6. Disparity
  7. In Absence
  8. Waves
  9. Desire

Album Credits:

Album Art by Ioannis Vassilopoulas
Recorded and mixed by Jonah Kay at HM Studio, Waterloo ON
Mastered by Jamie King


Bennett Smith – Vocals/Guitars
Aaron Tanner – Bass
Taylor Wroblewski – Lead Guitars
Angus Pike – Drums

The thought of Cathartic Demise came into fruition on October 8, 2017, after high school friends Angus Pike (drums) and Bennett Smith (guitar/vocals) jammed for the first time, and immediately decided to form a group. Bennett had demos previously prepared, (two of the EP songs) and the week after Aaron Tanner would join the lineup, following a few weeks with Taylor Wroblewski (guitar) quickly completing the quartet. The four rehearsed immensely over a eight-month period landing their first show September 16, 2018. In December of 2018, the band entered into HM Studio, to record the self titled three-track EP Cathartic Demise, released April 26, 2019. For the rest of the year, the band played around Ontario, and in January 2020, Cathartic Demise would begin the recording sessions of In Absence.

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