J.D. OVERDRIVE – final album to be released in May, “The Ferryman Cometh” video available now

J. D. Overdrive, a southern metal band from Poland, return this Spring with their brand new studio album.

The release of “Funeral Celebration”, as the album will be called, is planned for May, 7th 2021. This will be their fifth and final album. The band comment: “After fourteen wonderful years we’ve decided to call it quits. This decision was not made harshly, we thought about this for a long time and came to the conclusion that since we’re facing some unavoidable changes within the band anyway, the best solution will be to ride out into the sunset on our own terms. That’s what the ‘celebration’ part of the title is about – we don’t want to leave you saddened but rather invite you to join us in celebrating what we leave behind. (…) In our opinion, things do come full circle on this album and it’s the perfect way for us to say goodbye. Since we’re running this funeral event, don’t expect us to disappear completely from the face of the earth just yet. We are planning a few shows that will promote our new material and give us a chance to see you all one last time.”

“Funeral Celebration” will feature nine brand new tracks, as well as a newly recorded version (with new, udpated lyrics) of “Come Full Circle”, a track from their 2008 debut EP recorded as Jack Daniels Overdrive.

The band comment: “Our 5th full length album will definitely be something special, and for a number of reasons. While with some tracks we’ve tried to improve our well-known formulas, on others we experimented with totally new elements. We’ve started working on the music long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit us but even though we had a fixed concept for this album from the get-go, the harsh reality around us definitely made an impact on the writing process. This will be a bitter-sweet record, very much adequate to what we’re all feeling right now.”

The official music video for their new song “The Ferryman Cometh” is available here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmlBU44KofU

“Funeral Celebration” – tracklist:

1. Funeral Starter
2. The Ferryman Cometh
3. Old Dog, Old Tricks
4. Casual Catastrophies
5. On Corpses of Giants
6. Electric Pandemonium
7. Die Trying
8. Brand New Ways to Die
9. Come Full Circle (Twenty Twenty)
10. End Transmission

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