Underground metal legend VINCENT CROWLEY releases Beyond Acheron through Odium Records!

After thirty years in the vanguard of underground black and death metal, spearheading the satanic assault of AcheronVincent Crowley now begins to walk a different path. His infernal rites complete, Crowley is now free to explore other forms of darkness, the other passions of his black heart. The chilling tales of Poe and Lovecraft, the wicked musical extravaganzas of King Diamond, the raw primal power of metal’s pioneers like Black SabbathCeltic Frost and Bathory. Draped in a pall of blood freezing atmosphere, Vincent Crowley now steps Beyond Acheron

Despite opting to unite beneath Vincent Crowley’s renowned name, all the members of this band are vital to the creative vigour that propels it forward. Guitarist Art Taylor, another former member of Acheron and ex-Blood Coven drummer Ryan Arter have poured their considerable talents into the poisonous cauldron of Crowley’s vision. The resulting songs that weave their magic throughout debut album Beyond Acheron are captivating, gloriously unnerving and delightfully horrifying. They bring the graveyard mists, the ragged howl as the last light of the sun dips below the horizon, the whispers in abandoned dwellings and the final, inevitability of death. Carved from mouldering undead riffs and scythe sharp, flesh-parting solos, drawing from every shadowed corner of the metal underground, this is metal and darkness entwined, morbid tales from the crypt if you will.

Adorned in the classic artwork of Timo Wuerz (ObscuraWidow, Acheron etc) Beyond Acheron will be unleashed by Odium Records in June 2021 on vinyl, CD and super limited wooden box edition, as well as through all major digital platforms. This album represents a return to the days when the underground was a place of mystery and treasures hidden from the light. Vincent Crowley is back and nightmares follow in his wake.

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