THE WRING – Classic Rock And Prog Collide In “Cipher” Off Upcoming Album “The Wring² Project Cipher”

Album Guests ft. Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson Band, California Transit Authority, Glenn Hughes),
Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats, Dethklok, Steve Vai),
Thomas Lang (Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams),
Jason Henrie, Jason Sadites

Don Dewulf is the creative mind behind The Wring, a musical adventure chock full of proggy riffs, angry lyrics, and a heavy dose of melody. He is releasing a second album this year, “The Wring² Project Cipher” that boasts the work of several seasoned, professional musicians, making this one of the top albums prog fans are going to want this year.

Dewulf is the sole songwriter of the project and he takes up guitar duties, but the album wouldn’t have come together without help from drummer Thomas Lang, vocalist Marc Bonilla, bassist Bryan Beller as well as bassist Jason Henrie who also played on The Wring’s first album.  Guitarist Jason Sadites rounds out the line-up, playing a killer solo on one track. This incredible depth of players brings to life an album that has enough proggy stuff for the geeks, but still plenty of melodies and rock riffery for the regular heavy music listener. Says Dewulf:

“I love the complexity and innovation of prog-rock but also the hooks and brevity of great classic rock… The Wring tries to bring you both.”

The first look at this album is the single “Cipher”, the sole instrumental track juxtaposed against the six vocal tracks with lyrical themes full of emotion and aggression. Dewulf explains Cipher further: 

“I played this song on a 7-string guitar so there is a massive low end. I think the parts are short enough and musical enough to hold interest without vocals. I really like the bass and guitar solos here too. A combination homage to YYZ and March of the Fire Ants.  Jason Henrie played killer bass on this track and created the incredibly cool video for it.”

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“The Wring² Project Cipher” is a rock record with bits of proggy stuff hidden inside, it is recommended for those listening to Tool, Opeth, and old Rush.

“The Wring² Project Cipher” will be out on May 28, 2021.

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Track Listing:
1. The Light (4:10)
2. Sorceress (4:44)
3. Cipher (4:29)
4. Steelier (4:25)
5. Dissension (4:08)
6. Dose (3:27)
7. Touch (4:29)
Album Length: 29:54

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