THE NORTH HAMMER SAGA – Launches new track “Majesty” at New Noise Magazine

A terrible foe, too distant in memory for most to recall, returns to the ill-prepared world of Tyrgard to make violent amends for a long-lost war.”

So begins the North Hammer Saga: an episodic, multimedia fantasy adventure, encompassing music, art, and playable content for the world’s most famous tabletop roleplaying game.

Each month, the North Hammer Saga will release a brand new song and a playable, 5th Edition-compatible module, taking players from humble beginnings to lands and perils vast and unknown, as part of a story they and their friends will get to experience first-hand through music and gameplay. From the minds of Andrew James (North Hammer), Chris Grenville (co-founder, The Monolith) and Alex Carter (co-founder, Kardavox Academy) it’s a truly immersive journey that will be different for each and every person!

Launched April 13th via YouTube and Patreon, the North Hammer Saga offers followers a breadth of content based around an unfolding narrative set in a rich fantasy setting, released throughout the month, every month.

Firstly, patrons will receive an exclusive download of a brand new, original North Hammer song every month. After the release of debut album Stormcaller in 2018, composer Andrew James wanted to take future releases in a different direction, weaving the music style and lyrical content into a cohesive, multifaceted package. Each track will interweave, lyrically and thematically, with an ongoing epic set within the expansive North Hammer universe.
The first of these songs, “Majesty”, has premiered at New Noise Magazine, and is now also available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

Subscribers will also get access to roleplaying adventure content, compatible with the world’s best-known roleplaying game. Accompanied by gorgeous artwork, modules will include social encounters, combat, puzzles, mysteries, and the opportunity to play as multiple characters as divergent plotlines split both focus and locale.

The initial module will introduce players to the land of Tyrgard, during and in the aftermath of an assault by the powerful, insectoid vespr, leading them down a path towards rescue and reckoning as they learn that really they know very little about their place in the universe.

Backers will also receive alternate versions of each song in a different style with each release, as well as longer mood-setting pieces designed to accompany gameplay. All of these will also be available to stream on Spotify and YouTube.

The community will also be offered the chance to shape future content – song styles, adventure hooks, our custom player classes and more – via an open Discord community, as well as participate in Q&A sessions where the North Hammer Saga’s creators will give deeper insight into the music, the world and its lore, the creation process, and more.

We’re really excited to get this project underway and see what people make of it. Our plans are manifold and ambitious, and we can’t wait to get started.


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