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“With “Soldiers Of Light”, SKYEYE put a big exclamation mark behind what we could already guess three years ago with the release of their debut album: This is a new, bright star in the classic metal firmament. You will hear a lot more from this young band, I am sure of it…”ROCK HARD (D) – Jens Peters

Slovenian heavy metal prodigy SKYEYE announced the release of their second studio album “Soldiers Of Light” on June 25th, 2021  via REAPER ENTERTAINMENT.

Today, the band presents the second digital single of this upcoming record. “Detonate” is availbale on every major streaming platform now.
The official lyric video can be seen here:

The band states:
“We’re excited to present our new song Detonate, a second single from the upcoming album Soldiers of Light. Detonate was the first song written for our new album. It is a heavy, riff-driven and groovy song with an unusual chorus by our standards because every band member sang it. The song itself is very aggressive and it gives you a wicked feeling, that something big and deadly is coming closer and closer “Out of the darkness and into the light, collision with Earth is in sight”. The theme of the song is heavily influenced by the movie Armageddon. A giant asteroid is approaching the Earth and us humans must detonate it before it enters the atmosphere and causes mass extinction. Are we going to survive as mankind or are we doomed? Asteroid vs Earth. Nature vs human. Who will win? 
The lyrics video, which was made by an English artist named VERY METAL ART, perfectly displays the essence of the song.”

Pre-order “Soldiers Of Light” here:

The album was produced in summer 2020 by producer Grega Smola Crnkovič and was mastered by Boban Milunović  who is known in the Hard & Heavy scene for his work with GRAVEWORM, BELPHEGOR, JACK FROST and many more. 
The cover artwork was done by Aleksandar Živanov.

The band has already released the first harbinger of the album, in the form of the single “Constellation” in October 2020.
Check out the official music video for the song here:

Unique and powerful vocals combined with raw and melodic guitar riffs give the band its signature heavy metal sound, reminescent of other major representatives of the genre, like Iron Maiden, Saxon or Judas Priest.

About SkyEye:
Slovenian heavy metal band SkyEye was founded in 2014 by guitarist Grega Stalowsky, bassist Primož Lovšin and singer Jan Leščanec. SkyEye got its current line-up in 2016 when guitarist Marko Kavčnik and drummer Jurij Nograšek joined the band. Unique and powerful vocals combined with raw and melodic guitar riffs give the band its signature heavy metal sound, reminescent of other major representatives of the genre, like Iron Maiden, Saxon or Judas Priest. The band made its debut appearance in June 2017, and only four months later brought out its first EP under the title Run for Your Life. The overwhelmingly positive response and strong support at their performances drove the SkyEye back into the studio to record their debut album DIGITAL GOD, which was released on November 9, 2018.

SKYEYE online:
Official Page:

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