NATRON – Italian death metallers premiere lyric video for “Enthroned In Repulsion”

Time To Kill Records is excited to join forces with Italian death metallers NATRON for the imminent release for the first time ever on vinyl format of “Hung, Drawn and Quartered”, the band’s legendary debut album (originally released in late 1997 via Headfucker Records).

To celebrate the release of this long awaited reissue, the Italian death metal pioneers have launched a lyric video for the ‘hit single’ “Enthroned In Repulsion” HERE!

NATRON‘s first effort has been fully remastered by renowned Italian producer Marco Mastrobuono (HOUR OF PENANCE, INNO) and is presented to you via Time To Kill Records as a glorious limited edition LP (classic black and purple) and on digital format.

Says drummer Max Marzocca:“When ‘Hung, Drawn & Quartered’ came out people were like ‘Dude, where are you gonna go with this?’. And they were quite right!In 1997 with their schizoid death metal Natron sounded completely out of place in the metal scene. At this point we were just three pot-heads playing music which was way more complex and technical than our real skills, lyrics and imagery were ridiculously gory but we did not care that much, we loved brutality and were encouraged by our craziness to expand our music territories somehow, and mainly having a lot of fun.
That was still the time before any editing or whatever embellishment became a standard in death metal, production is muddy and sounds more like a rehearsal with one mike to record everything but hey, I’ve got great memories of this record!
This was our first official release after years of militancy in the underground, we were ‘Headfucker Magazine’ favourites in that moment, our fanbase was growing and Holy Records found out about the band with this album, signed us and took us to the next level. That’s why we’re very excited about this vinyl release after 24 years, enjoy it and keep on rotting, fellas!” .


Big Cartel:



If you talk about death metal with a look at Italy, you can’t do it without referring to Natron, among the prime movers of the local scene in the early 90’s. ~

Initially influenced by 80’s thrash metal , Natron mixed the sheer brutality of 90’s death metal with the uncompromising speed of grind core and became purveyors of a weird and unique style of death metal: complex riffing, insanely intricate song structures, rotten brutality, and a particular focus on gory horror and dystopian lyrics.

Hailing from the igneous shores of southern Italy , Natron formed in May 1992 and made a name for themselves in the underground with two demo tapes, “Force” (1994), “A Taste Of Blood” (1997) and the “Unpure” EP , officially released later in 2000.

In late 1997 Natron debut with “Hung, Drawn & Quartered” on Headfucker Records, the then leading magazine of reference in brutal death metal – capturing the attention of underground fans and mostly of the bigger French metal label Holy Records which signed the band for the next 4 albums.

Between 1999 and 2004 the band released their 3 crucial albums “Negative Prevails”, “Bedtime For Mercy” – both recorded in Sweden at the legendary Abyss Studios – , their most critically acclaimed album “Livid Corruption” mixed at the Starstruck studios in Copenhagen, and “ Necrospective” including all the early material and bonus tracks.

The band went through years of extensive touring, several festivals participation, continuous line up defections and a label change that brought to the most “thrashy” chapter of their catalogue, the album “Rot Among Us”, out in 2009 via Metal Age Productions.

In 2012 the band is back with “Grindermeister”, a celebrative record of their 20 years anniversary which sees the return to the surgical brutality and gives the fans a chance to listen to a new and improved rendition of their old classics.

One last EP out in 2014 and named “Virus Cult” brings the band on tour until the very end in January 2017.

In more than two decades Natron strengthened their faithful following recording quality albums which obtained great reviews in Rock Hard, Metallian, Terrorizer, Aardshock, Hard & Heavy, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer and many more world magazines, intensively toured all over Europe sharing the stage with the best names in metal and playing memorable gigs in France, Spain, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece.

Natron paved the way for a new generation of underground bands and solidified their status of respectable European old school death metal band.

After 25 years they disbanded and are now consigned to history with the more than deserved nickname of “The Italian Godfathers Of Death”.



1994: FORCE (500 copies ltd)
1997: A TASTE OF BLOOD (300 copies ltd)


1997: HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED (Headfucker Records)
1999: NEGATIVE PREVAILS ( Holy Records)
2000: BEDTIME FOR MERCY (Holy Records)
2002: NECROSPECTIVE (Holy Records)
2004: LIVID CORRUPTION (Holy Records)
2009: ROT AMONG US ( Metal Age Prod.)
2012: GRINDERMEISTER ( Southern Brigade)


2000: UNPURE (Nocturnal Music)
2014: VIRUS CULT ( Blasphemous Art Productions)


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NATRON – Italian death metallers to reissue debut album “Hung, Drawn & Quartered”


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