HUMAN FAILURE – American One-Man Raw Death Metal/Punk Aberration Readies Release of Debut 10″ EP – Tracks Unveiled At Decibel Magazine And Antichrist Magazine

We’re excited to announce the imminent release of “Crown on the head of a King of Mud”, the debut offering by California-based one-man noise metal/punk deformation Human Failure, a mangled and gnarled disfiguration of raw death metal, raw punk and harsh noise spewn from the outer limits of complete nihilism and inhumanity. The wretched offering will arrive in early May 2021 on 10” EP format via Sentient Ruin in collaboration with Caligari Records.

A taste of plague-riddled release has been provided by Antichrist Magazine who has offered an exclusive premiere of the opening track “Poison Ideals“ (check out the track and feature HERE), while Decibel Magazine unveiled the track “Your Hope Is a Noose”, explaining that “Human Failure’s debut full-length Crown on the Head of a King of Mud is just one explosion after the other as harsh-noise, hardcore punk and utterly detached death metal brawl for dominance“ – you can check out the track and feature HERE.

An antihuman display of total sonic barbarism, “Crown on the head of a King of Mud” unifies various schools of thought in the realm of raw, stripped down and purposely under-produced and stylistically regressed forms of audial anarchy. In its unforgiving and mindless quest for total filth and primeval animalistic violence, the release brings us back to early punk-derived releases from Napalm DeathDischargeG.I.S.M., and (early) Carcass, and follows their natural evolution through the first wave of primitive death metal bands like Nihilist and Autopsy, only to then deliberately skip entire generations of musical progress to embrace instead the chaos and and disarray of contemporary noise and power electronics. The end result is something that while sounding timelessly feral and atavistic also comes with a compelling aura of modernity and experimentalism that places the project among one of the most interesting and still considerably unexplored extremisms of contemporary underground music: the hybridizations of extreme metal and electronic noise that seek new ways to blindside and annihilate the listener and which are shaping up to becoming the most violent and transformative fringes in the underground today.

“Crown on the head of a King of Mud” will be officially released on May 7 2021 on 10” vinyl EP format and digital via Sentient Ruin in collaboration with Caligari Records, who will also issue a cassette tape version.

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