Oriental Fantasy Metal Artist YARIMĀ Releases Debut Album ‘The Strings of Fate’


Yarimā is a concept metal artist from the UK, known for her unique style of Oriental Fantasy Metal.

She is the first artist from the LovAnaverse – a music universe franchise set to feature a wide range of concept artists, each with their own unique musical style and story to tell. The character of Yarimā is based upon that of a dark elven samurai, a protector of her realm amidst the night’s watch. Her music has been described as Symphonic Metal like that of Nightwish or Epica, with the unique addition of traditional Japanese instruments including the Koto and Shamisen. This unique blend of instruments and focus on oriental melodies transports the listener to another world with themes inspired by dark fantasy and ancient Japan. 

Having released her first single in 2019, Yarima and the LovAnaverse team have been steadily building a following online, with 2021 marking a breakthrough year as the first full length albums are released. LovAnaverse Records are now releasing new music every month and are set to introduce a wide range of concept artists ranging from Progressive Rock to Death Metal Opera.

The journey begins with Yarima’s debut album: The Strings of Fate

The Strings of Fate is an epic album dedicated to transporting you to a world of Oriental Fantasy Metal with the help of fiery guitar riffs, traditional Japanese instruments, beautiful virtuoso melodies and larger than life lyrics.

Each song tells a different story and together they will take you on a spiritual pilgrimage to discover that fantasy and real life are one and the same. We all have our own battles in life and The Strings of Fate is here to inspire you to victory. May it aid you in your quest to keep the darkness at bay.

The Strings of Fate is out on April 30th via LovAnaverse Records.  

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