BRUTAL ASSAULT is forced to postpone to 2022

So far 2021 is not developing favourably for live events. Thanks to your support we have managed to stand through the last year and were hoping that this summer we’d welcome you at the Brutal Assault as you all know it. We have worked hard to make the anniversary something special. Unfortunately, the Covid situation has not improved much and therefore we are left with no other choice than to move the 25th edition to next year, August 9-13, 2022.

If you’d like to support us, the best way to do so is by keeping your ticket for next year. Only thanks to you were we able to overcome these difficult times last year and now we’d like to ask for your continuing support. If for any reason you wish to return the ticket, follow the instructions here. The tickets are refundable up until May 16, 2021. We are currently working on confirming the line-up for next year.

This year, in the original dates of August 12-14, 2021, we are planning a smaller event in the fortress. More information coming soon!

Thank you, BA Team

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Brutal Assault 24 – Vampillia (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 23 – Exhorder (live) 2018

Brutal Assault 24 – Cytotoxin (live) 2019

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Brutal Assault 24 – Crystal Lake (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 22 – Svart Crown (live) 2017

Brutal Assault 24 – Necros Christos (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 22 – Demolition Hammer (live – full set) 2017

Brutal Assault 24 – Sacred Reich (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 24 – Walls Of Jericho (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 24 – Anthrax (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 24 – Gutalax (live) 2019

Brutal Assault 24 – Vuur (live) 2019

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