FIREMAGE – Releases new single “The Grove” with a guest participation

The new portuguese Folk Metal band Firemage has released their third single, this time with a guest: Nick Wragg of the “Iron Seawolf” and “Eoten”, both british folk metal acts. He’s doing an appearance playing the violin in Firemage’s third track to date.

The band is building up to the release of their debut album later this year.Take a listen to the new single “The Grove” in this link

Firemage came to life in early 2019 with the idea of telling stories through catchy Metal songs with folk elements, drawing inspiration from bands like Týr, Korpiklaani and Finntroll. Finally recording and releasing the debut single during lockdown in October 2020, Firemage is covering different approaches of the Folk Metal genre as vehicle for their lore and storytelling.

Firemage links:

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v Spotify

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