WHITE WARD announce new EP

To celebrate Debemur Morti Production’s 200th release, the French label proudly announces that Ukrainian band WHITE WARD composed two new songs which will be released on June 25th. Appropriately titled “Debemur Morti”, this new work of Art cycles from smoky neo-jazz saxophone ambience, through hypnotic contemporary Black Metal aggression and on opener “Debemur Morti“, into emotive piano-led songcraft showcasing a flawless guest vocal performance from the legendary Lars Nedland (BORKNAGARSOLEFALD). The new EP will be available on 10″ vinyl, digipack CD, and digitally. Pre-orders will start on May 7th.

Label owner Phil comments on this special occasion:

This year we commemorate 18 years of hard work and dedicated passion for the Dark Arts – a rewarding achievement – which we highlight with a meaningful 200th DMP release from the singular Ukrainian Black Metal experimentalists WHITE WARD. This daring, dark and demanding band embodies everything we love about Art. For me, as a label owner and Art-devotee, this is a profound gift from a band who has been growing with the label. For you, our loyal supporters, we present a new offering blending traditionalism and innovation, encapsulating everything this label represents now and going forward.

A short teaser for the coming release can be viewed below!

Debemur Morti” track listing:

01. Debemur Morti 09:07
02. Embers 08:02

The EP was recorded at Jenny Records and Lipky Recording StudioValentyn Zhulenko (NUG) recorded and co-produced the EP, while Alex Sedin (CYADO) of Ghostalgy Prods mixed and mastered the songs. The photography for the fitting artwork (see below) was shot by Lucas DeShazer.

WHITE WARD, from Odessa, Ukraine performs intensely deviant music of a noir shade. Formed in 2012 and taking root in raw depressive Black Metal, the band rapidly shed all boundaries, taking inspiration from an array of dark atmospheres including the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and I.M. Banks. The band’s excellent early recordings were compiled into the “Origins” compilation released in 2016.

Exploring themes of borderline death states, aberrant afterlife worlds, and strange mental disorders, the WHITE WARD sound adapts the expansiveness of instrumental jazz and the depths of existential despair. After recording their first full-length album, “Futility Report“, and being signed to Debemur Morti ProductionsWHITE WARD is primed to embark much further on their divergent sonic journey.

The band continues to evolve and change directions with their second release, “Love Exchange Failure“. Dark-jazz aesthetics appear more vibrant and deeper than ever before, while elements of blackened death, prog, and black metal scream out in an intense fury over vicious blast beats, courtesy of new drummer Noctum! Recorded at Checkpoint and Lipkyzvukozapys studios, “Love Exchange Failure” boasts the bands most lush and professional sound to date. 

Lyrical themes explore new dimensions, diving into the abyss of human psyche instead of creating Lovecraft-inspired worlds. The atmosphere is still dark and dreadful, but it is no longer something abstract and unreal, with the problems discussed in “Love Exchange Failure” affecting everyone to some extent.

With their newest record, WHITE WARD evolve and sink deeper into ebon pools of dark, auditory desolation.

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