Avantgarde Metallers IF NOTHING IS Sign To Dark Essence Records Debut Album Details Revealed

Avantgarde Metallers IF NOTHING IS, have inked a deal with Dark Essence Records which will see the label release the band’s debut full-length album  this year.   

The  brainchild of DØDHEIMSGARD bassist Lars Emil Måløy,  IF NOTHING IS rose up in Trondheim, Norway from the ashes of extreme metallers REVOCATION in 2008.  This signaled not only a name change, but also a new musical direction for the lineup that today comprises Boeddelen on vocals and lyrics, Håkon Grytvik and Mats Stenberg on guitars,  Lars Emil Måløy on  bass, FX, backing vocals, lyrics, main composer. and Vegard Myrdal Berg on drums, backing vocals and lyrics.

Having being  able to call on the talents of DØDHEIMSGARD’s Vicotnik to work his magic with synths, beats and samples, IF NOTHING IS released their self-titled debut album in 2015, but only via a selection of digital platforms. Consequently it never received the kind of exposure that it deserved, melding, as it did, sharp technical skills and creative songwriting with a keen eye for detail and a streak of madness. Intersected with progressive, experimental passages and rich jazzy parts, the album is reminiscent of the early efforts of bands like ATHEIST and CYNIC, with each song a journey in itself.

What IF NOTHING IS created with their first foray into the studio is an album that exemplifies everything that lies at the heart of extreme and technical metal music, ranging from thrash, speed and death to black metal. And Dark Essence have recognized that this album was never meant to lie in relative obscurity, and to this end the album was re-mixed and re-mastered and will be released for the first time in CD and Vinyl formats as well as digitally.

With new original artwork the album will hit the streets on the 10th September, track listing as follows:

1. 101
2. Sovereign
3. Juvenihil
4. Anti Horde
5. Dominant Outlaw Nation
6. Postapo Calypso
7. Darkspace Navigator
8. Intermezzanine
9. Apsylum Absolute
10. If Nothing Is

Work on the follow up to IF NOTHING IS‘ debut is already progressing well, and the band had this to say about their joining forces with Dark Essence Records.

After many years of searching we finally found our spirit animal label! A label with a roster so great and weird we are actually able to fit in for once! We are extremely proud to be a part of the Dark Essence Records/Karisma Records family and can’t wait for the future to arrive!

If your appetite has be whetted about what is to come from IF NOTHING IS, you can hear their 2015  stand-alone single at

More information about IF NOTHING IS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


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