EPOCH OF CHIRALITY release trailer

Epoch of Chirality the Sci-Fi metal project of the UK’s Richard How, has released a trailer for his upcoming release “Nucleosynthesis“. The album is set to be released on July 23 2021

Watch the trailer: 

Epoch of Chirality brings an epic amalgamation of metal with soundscapes straight out of an 80s Sci-fi movie soundtrack. Richard How, based in the South West of England, is the experienced multi-instrumentalist, composer and self-confessed Sci-fi geek behind the project. The debut album Nucleosynthesis follows the release of the Dawn of Chirality EP in 2020 which saw the project begin to emerge into our world; offering a tantalising taste of what is to come.

2021 marks a significant milestone for the project and the upcoming release of Nucleosynthesis. Epoch of Chirality has been quietly developing with Richard over the past twenty years. Pushing the boundaries of the metal genre is something so many strive to achieve but successfully combining elements of both acoustic and synthesized instruments is no mean feat. The presence of those instantly recognisable nostalgic synths initiates the dimension shift away from this world into another realm. The traditional heavy elements introduce an intensity that elevates the soundscape. Leaving no musical style or instrument off limits, experimentation and exploration is clearly rooted in the creative process. Whether exploring galaxies lightyears away or crossing through portals between fantasy worlds, Nucleosynthesis launches into a journey through the wonderful and the unknown. The album presents a unique experience through each track. From the atmospheric tranquil serenity of Caravan to the Midnight Mountain to the dark haunting depths of Labyrinth, Nucleosynthesis is an immersive adventure not to be missed.

Why should the sky be the limit when there are worlds to explore in our galaxy and beyond? Fuelled by the need to create music that encapsulates the utter power and depth of metal, with the captivating and epic nature of Sci-fi and fantasy soundscapes, Epoch of Chirality has begun a venture to bring fans an experience like no other. 


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