MENTAL CRUELTY release new single ‘King Ov Fire’

New album A Hill To Die Upon to be released via Unique Leader on 28th May

German haunting death metallers Mental Cruelty have released new single / video ‘King Ov Fire’, taken from their upcoming album A Hill To Die Upon, out 28th May via Unique Leader.

Watch the video to ‘King Ov Fire’ here:

The video is instantly recognisable Mental Cruelty – smoke, candles, torches, and fire. The lyrics concern the Chancellor of Hell, the chairman of the high council of devils, Adramelech, who is also called an arch-enemy of God in Christian demonology.

Vocalist Lucca Schmerler says the following about this track: “’King Ov Fire’ is a song that clearly shows where we come from, from the underground and from the slam scene. With this song, we hope to have created a guilty pleasure for all our fans who have been by our side since day one. Of course, it’s not a pure slam track, but I’m proud of how we managed to unite our roots and our musical origins with our new sound in this song.

Founded in 2016 in Germany, the quintet have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands on the extreme underground, touring Europe with Rings Of Saturn and Nekrogoblikon in 2019 and North America with Signs Of The Swarm and Disentomb. Now with two albums under their belts, including 2019’s critically acclaimed Inferis, produced by Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator), they have become well known for their signature blackened breakdowns, blast beats, epic arrangements and slamming brutality.

Mental Cruelty will further explore their sound on new album A Hill To Die Upon, which heralds a new era for the band.

1. Avgang
2. Ultima Hypocrita
3. Abadon
4. King ov Fire
5. Eternal Eclipse
6. Death Worship
7. Fossenbrate
8. A Hill to Die Upon
9. Extermination Campaign
10. The Left Hand Path

Mental Cruelty are:
Lucca Schmerler – Vocals  
Marvin Kessler – Lead Guitar  
Nahuel Lozano – Rhythm Guitar  
Viktor Dick – Bass Guitar  
Danny Straßer – Drums  

Pre-order A Hill To Die Upon here:
N. America:

Mental Cruelty online:

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