Swedish Folk Metal band LOMBOLO; New Music Video

On the April the 24th the independent Swedish Folk Metal band Lombolo released the music video for their latest song Irminsûl, filmed in the forests of Sweden. The song was first released on March 25th.

Lombolo‘s three members share vocal duties with styles ranging from cleans to death growls to black metal shrieks, and make heavy use of folk instruments like flute, mandolin and kantele to create a sound that takes you back in time. Irminsûl is Lombolo‘s heaviest and most emotional song yet, and borders on the melodic death metal of bands like Insomnium. For the band, the song represents the fight against imperialism that minorities and indigenous peoples face every day. The lyrics come from Guitarist Walerius, himself a member of the Tornedalian minority in Sweden.

The childhood friends Lennart (clean vocals, flute, accordion) and Walerius (guitars, mandolin, kantele, growls) had played music together since they were 9 years old. When they met Johan (bass, clean/harsh vocals) in 2017 the trio was complete. The debut single Bärsärkagång was released in 2019 and the music video quickly got over 10.000 views on YouTube. After releasing three more singles they released Vandringsmannen, their debut full-length album in July of 2020. As of April 2021 the band has already released another 3 songs and are building up to an EP release this summer.

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