Brisbane’s Shock Rock Sensations TERROR PARADE Release Their Sinister New Single ‘Guillotine’

Brisbane based Shock Rock Quartet Terror Parade are back with their sinister new offering ‘Guillotine’. This bold release opens with a gutsy and energetic riff underpinned by a driving rhythm and bass groove setting the scene for the ominous soundscape to follow. Verses incorporate thrash-infused guitar work but it’s Zichxyna’s powerhouse vocals that send chills down your spine by seamlessly blending dissonant notes, powerful belts, and aggressive screams.

Choruses showcase a tasteful cross-section of heavy rock and horror punk genres with hook-laden melodies leading you to the crescendo of an eerie guitar solo sitting atop pounding drums, groovy bass, and driving rhythm guitars. The chant of ‘No Ones Here To Save You Now’ becomes ever-present before inevitably fading out. Incorporating influences such as Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13 & The Birthday Massacre, and the Japanese style of visual kei, ‘Guillotine’ is guaranteed to get your fists pumping in the air!

Terror Parade on ‘Guillotine’ “This song takes you out of reality into a journey that either inspires you to rise above or pulls you into your deep dark depths. With its heavy but groovy chugging guitar riffs, along with punchy drums and dark thumping bass bring a swing into your step. The vocals wander from haunting to soaring only to bring you back again, with spine-chilling screams. The lyrics dance through with imagery that can either create a dark horror story or resonate with you deeply”

Kalen Austin on Recording and Producing the new single “It was a tonne of fun getting to work on such a massive song with such a unique musical personality and oozing attitude. The song got stuck in my head for weeks and I have no doubt they’ll have plenty more bangers in store”

Comprised of Zichxyna (Vocals), Madman (Guitars), Darkness (Bass), and Nightwalker (Drums), the band has carved out a name for themselves with their unique sound and theatrical stage presence. With the release of ‘Guillotine’ and new music in the works Terror Parade are here to make a statement in the Shock Rock realm of Heavy Music and more!

Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Kalen Austin Productions
Photography by Soft Wings Photography
Lyric Video by Flock of Crows


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