Burning Saviours doom-monger’s new project HEATHEN RITES

August the 27th 2021

Svart is proud to release the new album by Heathen Rites. Doom metal by Mikael Monks from Burning Saviours, “Heritage” will be coming out via Svart Records on August the 27th 2021. First single, “Midnight Sun” out today, Friday 30th April 2021!

Burning Saviours doom-monger spreads his wings into the northern darkness with his new project Heathen Rites. Heaving earthy Doom, inspired by nordic folklore and ancient landscapes, Heritage is an epic and melodic hymn to northern nature and history. Formed in Sweden in 2018 by Mikael Monks, Heathen Rites create A-level, brooding, lingering, godless doom perfection, that swells from ornamental euphony to rousing, up-tempo doom rock with a Scandinavian flair. Lovers of nostalgic proto-metal, funeral doom and blues Americana will revel in the dark folk setting of Heritagewhere tone-full riffsecho across the hoof-thundering wilderness. Beautiful droning passages and punishing sermons to please fans of classics like Candlemass and Pentagram but with a decidedly modern nordic folk-horror flavour. 

Let the first single by Heathen Rites, “Midnight Sun” illuminateyour dark and gloomy roots now:

Video link: https://youtu.be/BuF6gN7GT-k

Single link: https://orcd.co/8vm2bkz

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