CELTIC HILLS – Brand New Album Mystai Keltoy (and Video)

Mystai Keltoy, the new album by the Friulians Celtic Hills, is out today on all digital platforms (CD available from 10 May)

Together with the disc comes the second video which is that of BLOOD IS NOT WATER

Which had been preceded by that of The Tomorrow Of Our Sons on the occasion of the single of the same name.

CELTIC HILLS were born in 2010, but only in 2020 they sign a recording contract with Elevate Records with which they release the album “Blood over Intents” and the EP “Schrage Musik” both in 2020.

Between 2010 and 2020 they released “Horns helmet fighters” and for the Slovak Music Globalliance they came out on international compilations on volumes 2,3,4.

Mystai Keltoy, an enigmatic name that alludes to the Elusian Mysteries, contains 11 songs that speak of ancient alien civilizations, European pyramids, legends and historical facts of Friuli, as you could already guess from the album cover. The album was recorded and produced at the Groove Factory in Udine by Michele Guaitoli, a prominent name for being the lead singer of TemperanceVision of Atlantis,Era. Among the 11 songs ‘Eden’ is sung by Germana Noage, former Aetherna singer.

The line-up of the power trio is made up of Simone Cescutti on drums, Jacopo Novello on bass and Jonathan Vanderbilt on vocals and guitar. The cover is hand painted by Sheila Franco, the same girl who painted Blood Over Intents, and represents the myth of the ancient visitors.

‘Mystai Keltoy’ Tracklist:

The Light
Blood is not water  (VIDEO)
The tommorrow of our sons  SINGLE  (VIDEO)
The 7 heads dragon of Osoppo
Landing of the Gods
Already lost
Falling stars
Battle of Frigidum
Eden (sung by Germana Noage)
Temple of love
Alliteratio (sung in Italian)

Videos :
Guardian Of 7 Stars [OFFICIAL VIDEO] –
Blood Flows Down (Official Video) –
A Happy Abdicant King [Official Video] –
FORUM JULII [Official Video Lyrics] –
Time [Official Video] –
Warpriest [Official Video] –

Celtic Hills are
Lord of the voice: Jonathan Vanderbilt
Lord of the bass: Jacopo Novello
Lord of the drums:Simone Cescutti


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