Melodeath metal masters SOLITUDE comeback strong after 15 years with “Exogenesis”

An extreme adrenaline storm breaks out once again! The iconic exponents of melodic Death Metal SOLITUDE are back. This 2021, the metal quintet releases its first studio album in 15 years, which is entitled Exogenesis.

This LP finds the band with a 100% consolidated line-up, with its aims set on growth and constant improvement. On March 16, 2021, the ensemble from Victoria, Tamaulipas, shook the market with a first-rate record. Now, they are preparing to make themselves known around the world.

The digital edition of the album is already available on all digital platforms and it will soon be released through the distinguished record label Concreto Records.

Antonio Rivera, guitarist of the group, had the following to say about this new material:

“This was an album that we made in parts, since we could not all sit together in a studio to do it. However, most of the music could be recorded before the pandemic and we were able, after very hard work, to reach a great result with ‘Exogenesis’. With this album we want to reposition ourselves on the scene and reach all possible places. We are constantly aiming for super new limits “.

After fifteen years of recording inactivity, although always on the lookout for the industry and its ups and downs, Solitude returns with the simple objective of positioning itself as references of a style that saw them grow as pioneers in the country there in the 90s.

Artwork + Tracklist  – EXOGENESIS

  1. Exogenesis
  2. Arbitrium Incorporea
  3. Descending Into Flesh
  4. Of Thought and Blood
  5. As the Sun Hides
  6. Theogony
  7. Unshrouded
  8. Hydian Slumber
  9. Shadowbreed


is a Melodic Death Metal band that began its journey in Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, in mid-1996. Writing the first original songs at the end of that year and starting with some shows at local events, they began their musical activity in the small scene that existed in those years.

The band soon went from being a quartet to adding a fifth member in charge of the second guitar. The genre was transforming into a Melodic Death Metal, influenced by the whole wave of European bands that emerged in those years. In 1998 they recorded the first demo called ¨Crying in False Reality¨ which began to move among different fanzines and event organizers in the Mexican territory, hoping to get more repercussions at the local level.

In 2005, the Asenath Records record company released the band’s second full-length ¨Introjection¨, with a more elaborate sound oriented towards a more technical Melodic Death Metal. Likewise, this is how they took their first steps in experimenting with new arrangements influenced by Rock and Progressive Metal that were giving the band an identity.

This album was a catapult for live shows, among which are performances with renowned groups such as Dark Tranquility, Decapitated and Megadeth, among others. In addition, it led them to have the opportunity to be part of the largest festivals in Mexico and Latin America such as Monterrey Metal Fest in 2006 and Hell And Heaven Fest in 2014.

Since that year, they have managed to have a solid lineup, with a common vision and great chemistry when composing.

Despite the long periods of inactivity that the band has suffered between the different albums released, today they find all their energy put into the new. “Exogenesis” turns out to be a quality product that has the support of the Mexican giant Concreto Records, which aims to be heard by the whole world and which also seeks to position musicians within the current scene.


  • Arael Delgado (Guitarra)
  • David Frayre (Voz)
  • Antonio Rivera (Guitarra)
  • Diego Delgado (Batería)
  • Habib Florencio (Bajo)

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