FANG Release ‘Spun Helga’ Album Digitally For The First Time!

Die Laughing Records / Golden Robot Records are proud to digitally release Oakland California-based punk band FANG’s 1996 album Spun Helga. After being released 35+ years ago Spun Helga now sees the light of day digitally for the first time ever! 

‘’In 1985 Fang relocated to Europe, at first living in England but finally settling in Bremen, West Germany. In Bremen at the time, there was a war going on between the Punk Rockers and the Nazi skinheads. I was asked to join a street gang called The Outsiders (Anti Skin League). 

We would regularly fight the Nazis and sometimes the cops. The first song on Spun Helga, ‘Tits and Oi’, is calling out all the fascists and their sick mentality.  

It was the 80s so the ever-present fear of a nuclear war rears its ugly head in ‘Dr. Eugene Scott’ (a bizarre televangelist) and as it was in Germany there was a lot of drinking and partying (Tequila). While we were living in Germany, a friend of mine, Lyon Wong from Tales of Terror was killed in a street fight in Sacramento which inspired the song ‘Honor Among Thieves’. Everyone either loved or hated ‘Madonna’ so we closed out the record with our choral tribute to her. The doorway we opened between Bremen and Oakland is still alive today and many bands were able to follow in our footsteps to Germany and beyond. The record was released in 1986 by the now long defunct National Trust Records in the US and We Bite Records in Europe. The cover art on the US release is by outsider artist Joe Coleman.’’ – Sammytown

Listen/buy Spun Helga HERE


Fang is an influential OAKLAND CALIFORNIA-based band, established in 1980 in the hardcore scene of Berkeley, CA. The current lineup is original front man Sam McBride (Sammytown) on vocals along with Obadiah Bowling and Tommy Knox on guitar, bass player Brandon Brown and drummer Mike Eightysixed. 
In the past five years, Fang has toured Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Japan and Europe as well as numerous U.S. tours. They are always looking to find ways to tour foreign countries that are just now beginning to open up to punk rock bands. 
Fang has gone on to influence an array of US West Coast bands and has been instrumental in the hardcore punk movement. They have an array of festivals at home and abroad under their belt including Rebellion UK 2018 and the wildly popular US Crash Fest, where their 2019 appearance was mind blowing as they performed hits from their Rise Up album with Die Laughing Records
Sammytown and Fang were recently profiled in the documentary “Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk,” which has received more than expected national and international exposure. Fang’s song “We Die Alone” has been featured in the The Ranger starring Jeremy Holm and Chloe Levin. It now airs on Shudder Network. 
Fans in 2021 will be the beneficiary of back catalog of Fang records made available for the first time ever as digital downloads and some surprises from this iconic active Oakland hardcore punk band. 
Fang is: 
Sammytown – Vocals 
Obidiah Bowling – Guitar 
Tommy Knox – Guitar 
Brandon Brown – Bass 
Mike Eightysixed – Drum

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