WICHER Reveals Debut Album Details

When it comes to marriage of folk and metal, we can find a lot of examples, better or worse. Folk instruments, influences, arrangements, or whole parts of the songs even. But what about folk per se, in its purest form? How many extreme metal labels, would be bold enough to release such an album? Not many. But we, Godz ov War Productions, were never stopped by any boundaries or stereotypes. Even folk can be extreme, and that is why we are proud to present you Wicher and their first full-lenght album ‘Czary i Czarty’. It will be released as a CD and digital format on 21st of May 2021.

‘Czary i Czarty’ marks the debut of the band. It consists of seven songs and lasts about thirty minutes. Enigmatic trio uses only traditional instruments which gives you true and pure connection with the roots of the music. Lyrical concept is based upon the book “Czary i Czarty” by Julian Tuwim, one of the most influential Polish poets and authors of XX century. The title of the album, which tranlates to “Witchcraft and Devils” is the direction where to look, to find Wicher‘s art. Its soul is hidden in dark forests, full of demons and ancient deities, trying to grasp your soul and body. And so does the music itself. The sound is pure, ethnic and rooted deeply in the past, yet not quite obvious and traditional as you may think. It is a journey through the hidden and dark part of the times forgotten, long gone beliefs and rituals being held far from the human eye. Wicher, which translates to „strong wind” not only brings the atmosphere, but also a lot of energy and power. Imagine a mad dance with devils and demons, between old and dark trees, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where the time and space is gone. If you can, you might be able to understand what this album is all about. Just might.

Album was recorded at Golgotha Studio, during summer 2019 and summer 2020. Recorded and mixed by P. Mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (Satanic Audio). Choruses and howls were recorded by P., D., Necrosodom, Madness and Robert von Ritter. Text fragments were taken from the book “Czary i Czarty polskie” by J. Tuwim and legends of Swietokrzyskie. Graphics by Mar.A Artworks. Photos by Amelia W.

1. Gusła
2. Nieś Biesie nieś!
3. Czary i Czarty
4. Gdy noc nadeszła…
5. Do lasu weszła
6. …
7. Nim nastanie świt

M. – vocals, flute, lyrics
D. – saz, bouzuki, jaw harp, vocals
P. – mandolin, string instruments, drums, percussion, samples, vocals, lyrics

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