LUTHARÖ to release new album

Following the success of the 2020 EP ‘Wings of Agony’, melodic death metallers Lutharö are back in the studio recording for their upcoming full-length album. Hailing from Hamilton, Canada, the band formed in 2013 and have been growing from strength to strength. From the release of their debut EP ‘Unleash the Beast’ in 2018, to sharing stages with the likes of Unleash The Archers, Alestorm, The Agonist, Battlecross, Nervosa, Exmortus, and Striker, they are just getting started!

Lutharö are directing their efforts to deliver an unprecedented take on heavy metal with their music. The quintet draws upon aspects of power metal and death metal to produce a fierce, hard hitting sound with an epic quality. Guitarists Victor Bucur and John Raposo perform intricate leads that slice through the intense lower tones, enhanced by Chris Pacey on bass. With dynamic rhythms and blast beats from drummer Duval Gabraiel, the instruments combine to produce an unforgiving power which erupts into the heaviness that is their sound. Krista Shipperbottom’s lead vocals deliver everything from soaring melodies with a likeness to a siren’s alluring call, through to demonic guttural growls. Lutharö’s distinctive edge brings an impressive sound to the extreme metal scene.

Lutharö thrive on combining their compositional and performance skills with the engaging nature of their music. Appealing to a wide scope of extreme metal audiences, they expertly balance an ethereal element of beauty with raw power and aggression to produce an enticing sound. The new album is expected to be released in late summer/Early fall of 2021.

Watch some behind the scenes footage:

Drum tracking:
Guitar tracking:

Listen to Lutharö‘s critically acclaimed EP “Wings of Agony” here:

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