ODIUM HUMANI GENERIS premiere new videoclip “Ulice”

Polish black metallers Odium Humani Generis premiere their new videoclip for the song “Ulice”, from their critically-acclaimed debut album “Przeddzień”, released in 2020 via Cult Of Parthenope label. 

Watch “Ulice” video: https://youtu.be/kq3q4jVeRn4

Devoted to the classic 90’s black metal atmospheres, Odium Humani Generis musical concept is enriched by intense urban depressive themes and some very personal lyrics.

Their sound, influenced by the likes of MglaTaake and Lifelover, has a lot of intriguing twists, while songwriting features impressive riffing that often shapes a truely melanchonic atmosphere.

“Przeddzień” tracklist :
1. Wdech
2. Interludium I
3. Samozatopienie
4. Wracaj
5. Interludium II
6. Ulice
7. Znów
8. Interludium III
9. Larwy
10. Przeddzień

“Ulice” videoclip directed by Emilia Śpiewak. 

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