INKAR-NATION releases first single and lyric video, of the track “To Begin With’

Inkar-Nation is a new Melodic Doom/Death metal band with 4 musicians from 4 different countries:

– AMIR KAZKAZ (Syrian guitarist/vocalist, living in Berlin, Germany) – LUCY ROLLMANN (Bass, Brazilian/Portuguese living in Germany, host of ‘Metal is the Law’ radio show)- SAMUEL MORALES from Spain, (guitarist for GOLGOTHA/ ex-HELEVORN)- PAUL BELTMAN from The Netherlands (guitarist/composer for RIVER OF SOULS, drummer with GRINDPAD, and previously the drummer of SINISTER, SUPREME PAIN, and various other bands and projects.)

The band is currently working on its debut album and they just released the first single ‘To Begin With’. 

Watch the lyric video for the first single at this location

Apple Music:


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