COFFIN LURKER – Dutch Extreme Doom Duo Ready Release of Inhumanly Crushing Debut LP – Track Unveiled at Last Rites

Sentient Ruin is honored to partake in the abominable birth of dutch extreme doom experiment Coffin Lurker, whose overwhelmingly crushing debut LP “Foul and Defiled” is set to be released in Juneon LP/MC and digital formats worldwide.

Formed by Maurice De Jong AKA Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of AlteringDe Magia VeterumDodenbezweerder etc.), and Rene Aquarius (CryptaeDead NeanderthalsImperial CultPlague Organ etc.), Coffin Lurker is a repulsive experiment begotten unto a perverse delusion of ushering doom metal beyond extremes of heaviness and horror it has never before seen or fathomed. Overwhelming and abominable in its every aspect, on their hideous debut LP “Foul and Defiled” the dutch terror-doom duo set out on a mission of terrifying extremism to take doom metal to its most harrowing consequences, crossing every threshold of extreme known, to materialize a humongous slow moving nightmare of paralyzing and horrific doom metal horror that will flatten the listener and devour them inside a nauseating void. Emanating with a monstrous and oppressive aura of total death and decay, “Foul and Defiled” is a gargantuan sepulchral abomination of subterranean megaton doom rising from an underworld of ageless and unnameable death and suffering that sonically aims to re-evoke the hideous and death-obsessed immensity of other undreground extreme/experimental doom abominations like Moss and Grave Upheaval, while taking the heinous formula, if possible, even beyond its own already incomprehensible and remote confines of sanity.

A taste of the destabilizing album has been brought to us via an exclusive premiere of the track “Of Suffering” at iconic underground metal blog Last Rites, who in reflecting on the albums absurd heaviness and ugliness have aptly remarked that “‘Foul And Defiled’ stylistically nests itself snugly between the juggernaut crawl of death/doom, the ritualistic atmosphere of primitive black metal, and the dirging, somber tones of funeral doom. This skeleton is fully cloaked in static nightmares, lacing the claustrophobic soundscape with subtle pops and etchings that will have the listener jumping at shadows for its full duration.“ – you can read the full feature and stream the track HERE.

“Foul and Defiled” is set to be released June 7 2021 on LP/MC and digital formats worldwide, and all products are now available for pre-order on our Bandcamp and webshop.

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