DEIVOS – Debut Album Reissue This June

SELFMADEGOD RECORDS is proud to announce the reissue of early recordings from Polish deathmetallers DEIVOS. “Emanation From Below” is the title of double disc featuring first album with the same name. The material was recorded in famous Hertz Studios in Bialystok, Poland back in 2006 and originally released on cult EMPIRE RECORDS. The second disc features totally sold out “Hostile Blood” EP (Butchery Music 2003) as well as “Praised By Generations” demo (1999) never released on CD before.
Emanation From Below” 2xCD is set for June 18th 2021 release on SELFMADEGOD RECORDS. Standard jewel case packaging with 20 pages booklet includes tons of never before seen band pictures from the early period. Pre-order will be launched soon.
The beginning of Deivos was 1997/98. In 1999 the band recorded their first demo “Praised By Generations”. The works on the next material started in 2001. At the beginning of 2003 the mini cd “Hostile Blood” was recorded. It was enthusiastically accepted in the underground and was released in autumn 2003 by Butchery Music. In 2004 the band started to write new material for their first record which was ultimately recorded at the turn of January and February 2006 in Hertz studio. The record entitled “Emanation From Below” was released in Poland by Empire Records in November 2006. Thanks to Metal Mind Production, in January 2008 the record was released in Europe and in March 2008 in the USA. At the end of 2008 the band once again entered Hertz studio to record their second album “Gospel Of Maggots”. Thanks to this release Deivos signed with American label – Unique Leader which in February 2010 released the record worldwide. With new line-up in February 2011 the band visited famous Hertz Studio (Decapitated, Vader) to record their 3rd full length effort – “Demiurge of the Void”. In September 2011, the album was released by Unique Leader Records. Several years later the band recorded signed a deal with Polish label Selfmadegod Records and released three albums: “Theodicy” (2015), “Endemic Divine” (2017) and “Casus Belli” (2019).

DEIVOS ‘music is technical and brutal death metal inspired by some of the best bands of the genre: MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY.

Track Listing:
CD 1:
“Emanation From Below”
1. Blackness Incarnate
2. No Father of Mine
3. Realm of Desecration
4. War March
5. Divine Defilement
6. Battle for Dominance
7. Hatebound
CD 2:
“Hostile Blood”
1. Chasm Climber
2. Hostile Blood
3. Encircled by Nothingness     
4. Scarcity of Suffering
5. Throw off the Fetters
“Praised by Generations”
6. Praised by Generations        
8. Beginning of True Journey    
9. Endlessly Alive Fire  
10. Servant of Insanity 
11. Four United in Unity


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