RIEXHUMATION – New Track Premiere – Embrace Nihility

Lavadome Productions have unveiled another track from the upcoming debut album of Italy’s RIEXHUMATION

Embrace Nihility” is streaming at these locations now: https://youtu.be/7StEJEx0yvM +++ https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/track/embrace-nihility

RIEXHUMATION deliver ancient Death Metal that summons the dark powers of the outer space and invoke the madness dwelling within its chasms . 

The Final Revelation Of Abaddon“, featuring a cover art by Roberto Toderico, will be unleashed on May 28th 2021 on CD, MC and digitally. A real Death Metal heavy-weight expanding the essence yet remaining absolutely devoted to the substance.


  1. Intro
  2. Inbreeding A Final Form In The Flesh
  3. Take The Throne Of Enlil
  4. Conflagration Mantra
  5. Manifestation Of The Horned-Head Presence
  6. Ascension XIV
  7. The Vectorcvlt (https://youtu.be/_PjtUydQcJE)
  8. Embrace Nihility
  9. Triumph Of Perfect Darkness

https://www.facebook.com/riexhumation +++ https://www.instagram.com/riexhumation_death_metal

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