Brazilian Black Metal Artist PESSIMISTA To Release Latest Album Worldwide On Vinyl!

“Ocaso” out on June 18th via Subsound Records

Formed with the idea to demonstrate the worst that exists in each person, and with a decent dose of pessimism towards the world as we know it, Brazilian black metal solo artist Pessimista has announced the worldwide release of his latest, 2021- album, titled “Ocaso”.

Set for release on June 18th via Subsound Records, “Ocaso“ will be available worldwide and for the first time in black vinyl (200) and strictly limited orange vinyl editions (100).

Says Pessimista:
This album will finally be released on vinyl, becoming a milestone for the band and a personal milestone. I am sure that Subsound Records will do an excellent job, as I have been following their releases and I know that the various weight bands are happy with the work developed.


  1. Tempestade de emoções e pensamentos
  2. Se Ícaro soubesse o que sei agora
  3. Dia e noite numa briga eterna (na minha cabeça)
  4. Culto a Punição – Calabouços da Solidão
  5. Sinto sua dor no por do sol

Despite having a name with a very negative charge, this band is not about inducing suicide or self-destruction. “It is about distrust towards the world as we know it. Ego, fascism, Nazism, sexism, homophobia, racism, populist leaders and all these everyday shits all these things distress me a lot and end up inspiring me to write and compose” Pessimista explains. “I believe that philosophical pessimism makes us question ourselves a lot about situations so that we can improve them in the future. Pessimista is about that, looking at the past and now with a critical eye so that the future is better”.

Featuring five tracks of depressive & raw atmospheric black metal, “Ocaso” will be coming out June 18th on Subsound Records and is now available for pre-order here:

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