SACRIFIX launches caotic new lyric video!

One of the newest representatives of Brazilian Old School Thrash Metal, from Sao Paulo, SACRIFIX, have released their chaotic and visceral second single, “Living In Hell”, in lyric video format. Present on their recent debut album “World Decay 19”, released through Thrash Or Death Records and Rapture Records, the chosen track could not have been better chosen to account for everything that human beings have been going through over the last decades, a true hell in all senses.

The environment, “breathing” through devices due to rampant pollution, wars, viruses, bacteria and devastating diseases killing billions of people, rulers who only care about their own enrichment and the frustration of the suffering people who see an ever more perverse, gloomy, alarming and hopeless future.

Watch “Living In Hell” (Lyric Video) here:

Lyric Video by Raoni Joseph (Raoni Joseph Multimidia @raonijosephmulti)

More Informations:

 do not intend to be just “one more” band among thousands of others in the Thrash Metal segment in our country, but rather to show how to do it in the most intense, vigorous and violent way possible while staying true and respecting their origins, no frills or stardom. Still as a trio, Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitars), Kexo (bass, Infamous Glory, Death By Starvation) and Gustavo Piza (drums, Infamous Glory), are looking for a second guitarist to complete their ideal formation.

Debut album “World Decay 19” presents a sound based entirely on the rawness and harshness of the more classic side of Thrash Metal with no messing around and strongly influenced by the early works of bands such as MegadethAnnihilator, SlayerSodom and Kreator, and lyrics inspired by war, occultism, social criticism, existential issues, religion and violence.

“World Decay 19” Tracklist: 

Let Him Die
Living In Hell
Evil Games (Angel Witch Cover)
World Decay 19

Produced by Frank Gasparotto
Mixed by Marco Nunes (@marconunestoristudios)
Artwork by Marcio Aranha (@marcioaranha83)

Check out  2nd single “Escape” at:

Watch the collab video and 1st single “Sacrifix” at:

In addition to the usual streaming platforms, “World Decay 19” can be purchased in physical CD format in stores at Galeria do Rock, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Bandcamp and through SACRIFIX‘s or Frank Gasparotto’s (@f_gasparotto) social media profiles.


Frank Gasparotto – Vocals/Guitars
Kexo – Bass
Gustavo Piza – Drums


“Sacrifix” (Single/2020)
“Escape” (Single/2021)
“World Decay 19” (Album/2021)
“Living In Hell” (Single/2021)

Listen to SACRIFIX:

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