Minneapolis’s Cinematic Metal Quartet AFTERTIME Release Their Entrancing New Video ‘Planetary Eyes’

Minneapolis-based Cinematic Metal Outfit AfterTime showcases a potent blend of Symphonic Metal and vibrant score-driven influences. The group’s music is larger-than-life and unapologetically epic, with a special focus on memorable arrangements and ambitious song structures, akin to cinematic scores. Recently, AfterTime managed to take the aforementioned sonic formula to the next level, with the introduction of yet another fantastic release ‘Planetary Eyes’ from their full-length album ‘The Farthest Shore’ 

‘Planetary Eyes’ introduces itself with a somber piano melody which kicks into full gear with an energetic riff underpinned by a thrash infused superbly tight rhythm section propelling this journey-eqsue composition towards an anthemic chorus. The crescendo heralds an impeccable contrast to the rest of the track with Progressive Metal inspired syncopated instrumentation interweaved with soaring orchestral layers, choral arrangements, double-timed drum and bass grooves creating a colourful soundscape for Sarah Wolf’s powerhouse vocals. 

AfterTime on the new video “From its pounding instrumentation to its memorable melodies, “Planetary Eyes” has become a fan-favorite song from our newest album “The Farthest Shore”, and we are excited to share the official lyric video! The lyrics of Planetary Eyes tell of how the voyagers look up at a night sky full of stars, realizing that the world is so much more vast than they could have ever imagined. They feel validated in their journey, knowing that there is an endless amount of adventures that are just waiting to be had. We wanted to capture the feeling in the lyric video by adding in beautiful ocean imagery that you’ve come to know and love from this album cycle. In the video, Sarah is also singing along, in front of a backdrop of stars as the lyrics appear around her.”

Following the band’s previous studio efforts, World We’ve Lost (2017) and The Fall of Light (2016), ‘The Farthest Shore’ highlights AfterTime’s affinity towards high-quality production and willingness to expand their creative horizons. ‘The Farthest Shore’ is a great introduction to AfterTime’s impressive discography showcasing a band that is bold and confident in their signature sound.

1. Battle of the Sea
2. Edge of the Earth
3. World We’ve Lost
4. Nìmata Moìrais
5. Planetary Eyes
6. Sanctuary
7. Dare to Roam
8. A Journey Itself
9. Survive the Storm
10. The Aftermath
11. No Turning Back
12. The Farthest Shore
I: A New Haven
II: Crimson Sky
III: Theater of Earth

Listen to ‘Planetary Eyes’ via
Order Physical & Digital Copies of ‘The Farthest Shore’ via

Lead Vocal Recording, Editing & Additional Vocal Production by Andy Gwynn, Rez Room Studios
Drums Engineered by Zachary Hollander, The Terrarium Recording Studio
Orchestrations by Lukas Knoebl
Produced by AfterTime
Additional Editing by AJ Blakesley
Mixed by Joost Van Den Broek
Mastered by Darius Van Helfteren
Artwork by Jan Yurlund, Darkgrove Design
Planetary Eyes Artwork by Lucas Weide
Photography by David Rubene, Ruby Glass Media
Filmed by Lucas Weide
Edited by Owen Hofman
Logo Concept by Brad Sturgis


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