VREXIZA set release date for SIGNAL REX debut demo, reveal first track

On July 30th internationally, Signal Rex is proud to present Vrexiza‘s striking debut demo, self-titled Vrexiza, on cassette tape format.

Vrexiza was formed in 2019 by J., A., and M., friends with long-standing ties. Frustrated with the lack of true underground black metal in the Toronto scene, Vrexiza emerged to fill that void. Drawing inspirations from the French, Ukrainian, and Finnish scenes of old, the trio proudly play pure black metal driven by riffs and songwriting rather than the devoid bullshit pageantry often associated with modern “black metal.”

Vrexiza‘s public debut, Vrexiza was recorded live off the floor, spanning four tracks across 21 minutes. The band in general and the demo in particular are inspired by war, battle, and conflicts around the globe of centuries past. Their songs and lyrics are directly lifted from historical events, spanning the conflicts of Germanic tribes and the Roman Empire to the Napoleonic Wars and WWII.

From the godless north comes Vrexiza…summon the age of supremacy with their stalwart debut demo!

Begin summoning that age with the brand-new track “Iron Spectres” HERE at Signal Rex‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Vrexiza’s Vrexiza
1. Iron Spectres [5:06]
2. Hürtgenwald [6:19]
3. Corpses of Fervor [4:55]
4. Vanitas I [5:04]

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