LELAHELL – Algerian Metal Legend Collaborates with Morrocan Singer toCreate Genre-bending Epic

The deathly, earth-shattering screams of Redouane Aouameur are completely undeniable. A local legend in his homeland of Algeria, he’s known for playing in a multitude of heavy bands, most notably the iconic “Lelahell” that have quite literally pushed the genre forward in the country. Now he’s coming back with an entirely new flavour with his latest collaboration with Morrocan singer, Julie who adds a certain magic to the sound. Her eerie, excotic vocals really sweep you off your feet as we are taken deep into a world of genre-bending bliss.

Raw, moving lyrics straight from the heart – this latest piece is a bold testament to all the hurt and vulnerable people of the world. It plays like almost a war cry for the voiceless. Bringing forth all the pain and glory that people who often feel left out of society, like metal fans feel.
Written by Julie and then reimagined in metal form by Redouane – the potent piece blurs the line between dark, alternative singing and death-defying metal mayhem. The kind of track that can get you charged up emotionally whilst still soothing you into bittersweet bliss with Julie’s mesmerizing melodies. Both artists are underground icons in their own right. Redouane Aouameur is one of the most long-standing pioneers of the Algerian metal scene. He’s been in multiple well-known metal acts and quite literally put Algeria on the map as a go-to hub for emerging metal music. Julie isn’t quite as seasoned, though just as talented nonetheless. Morroccon-born though based out of Egypt, she’s been bringing her darkly soothing melodies to the global stage since 2021 when she started putting out spellbinding songs on Youtube

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