EUGENIO SAMBASILE (Embryo) – two singles taken from debut solo project to be released today on digital platforms

Logic Il Logic Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce that “Conversion Disorder” and “Collateral Damage”, two tracks from Eugenio Sambasile‘s solo project, are now available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.

Buy digital / Stream “Conversion Disorder” now:

Buy digital / Stream “Collateral Damage” now:

Eugenio Sambasile stated: “I decided to launch this solo project during the pandemic: I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’ve never had a real chance to start working on it, due to my obligations and commitment to the band and my work as teacher. During the lockdown, I made the most of my free time to record and release a few singles; I originally published the two songs as playthrough videos, but I wanted to create an alternative version suitable for digital download platforms.”

Eugenio Sambasile is an Italian musician, guitarist, music teacher and composer. He’s the founder and leader of death metal band Embryo. He shared the stage with famous metal artists on countless gigs all across Europe and collaborated with international musicians such as Marty Friedman and George Kollias during several educational events and seminars. His musical interests range from extreme metal to rock, with influences of blues and country music.

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