NECROCHAOS Reveals Debut Album Details

Hailing from Germany, Necrochaos is one of the many musical faces of Eugene, the man behind such names as Sinister Downfall, Donarhall and Hexengrab (to mention just a few). This particular death metal project began in 2018. The following year, we had the pleasure to release the first demo entitled ‘Crawling Through Cadavers’, which received many positive reviews. Now we proudly present the debut full-length album, which will be released on June 14th. This work is called ‘Mortal Angels Descent’ and will be available on CD, cassette and Digital formats.

‘Mortal Angels Descent’ lasts thirty-five minutes and contains six compositions. Necrochaos is a project that, from the very beginning, skilfully combines crushing, dominant, powerful vocals with death metal, where technique and rhythm matter. It is no different on the first full-length release. Expressive, sharp and powerful riffs are covered with a wave of vocal weight. Those riffs, brutal and powerful, are the bloodstream of ‘Mortal Angels Descent’. In them, you will find the references to the best years of the genre. In combination with a real vocal abyss, associated with a bit newer times, they give a powerful and very interesting mixture. Everyone who loves uncompromising death metal should reach for this album.

The album was recorded at Misanthropic Studios. Mixed and mastered by Eugen Kohl. Cover art by Dunkle Stille. Logo design and layout by Eugen Kohl.

01. Word of God
02. Masters Corpse
03. Bloodied Sacred Scriptures
04. Mortal Angels Descent
05. Last Prayer
06. Hell Arisen

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