The Incomparable SXUPERION Release New Song Stream: “Astral Silence”

SXUPERION have released a new song from forthcoming album Auscultating Astral Monuments“Astral Silence” is streaming at

The song is also available as a music video on Youtube.

SXUPERION will release new album Auscultating Astral Monuments June 25 on Bloody Mountain Records! The album’s first single, “Ophanim Mechanical Drive,” is available now on Bandcamp and YouTube. The album will be available on digital, CD, and vinyl formats.

Like stars that melt before your eyes, another album of sonic oblivion appears from the SXUPERION universe. Step inside this new chapter and strap into the cockpit of chaos as you witness the aural invasion of deep space cannons echoing throughout eternity. The Architects say that it’s a long ride to the event horizon and back again. It may even take….forever.


Track Listing

  1. Astral Silence
  2. Eyes of Gangkhar
  3. Ophanim Mechanical Drive
  4. Irreverential Cisterns
  5. The Mote in God’s Eye
  6. Licentious Arbitrator
  7. Initiative Reactor
  8. Philotic Astrogation
  9. Forever and Ever

Album Credits
All instruments, compositions and imaginings: Matthew.
All final mastering: Psykho Combat at Omega Division.
Drums recorded at the Bloody Mountain Bunker (all acoustic, no triggers).
All guitars, vocals, mixing, f/x and layouts completed at Canyon Lodge Studio.

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