JONAVA Teases August Release with Single “Upon the Throne”

Click here and listen to “Upon the Throne” right now at your choice of streaming platforms!

The single highlights one of the tracks off Jonava‘s upcoming album “Steel Skies” Deluxe Edition, which will be available August 20th via all digital outlets and on CD through The Charon Collective.

Hailing simultaneously from Lithuania and Knoxville, TN, blackened metal monstrosity Jonava (pronounced “Yo-nuh-vuh”) unleashes their distinct blend of cacophonous melodies and blistering riffs on your unsuspecting ears. Born from the same breeding ground as Whitechapel, it appears the backwoods of Tennessee have a sort of influence on the hardening of one’s musical tastes. Apparently, the serene environment of Lithuania has an equally interesting effect.  

When Ryan Fishel (ex-Guttural Secrete) picked up and moved to Lithuania, Jonava member Arthur Ramsey (ex-Coexist, ex-Red Winter Dying) wasn’t ready to call it a day. Continuing to fine-tune their art, the duo has churned out 11 songs of extreme metal that is sure to please fans of Emperor, Lorna Shore, Red Harvest, and Nile. “Steel Skies” Deluxe Edition features not only songs with lyrical depth, but instrumentals which lets the musical prowess of the band speak for itself loud and clear.  

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