L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN – full album advance streaming

Welcome to the full album advance streaming of “I’m Gold, I’m God”, the second L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN release out on June 18th, an amazing piece of dark art that signs the return to the scene of the band after 9 years of silence.
Listen to “I’m Gold, I’m God” in advance only on My Kingdom Music site at
Pre-order Deluxe Edition, digipakCD, digital format on and on

“I’m Gold, I’m God” is a musical kaleidoscope of past and modern sonorities. It is a trip full of suggestions and with it L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN are ready to paint new scenarios standing at the deep heart of each listener with music in the best KATATONIA, TOOL, ISIS tradition with spikes in the dark groove of NOVEMBRE and OCTOBER TIDE.

Cover and official tracklist: 1. Satya Yuga – 2. I Fiumi Di Rosso Sangue – 3. Where Everything We Know Begins And Ends – 4. I’m Lucifer – 5. I Am Gold, I Am God – 6. Aiwass – 7. The Chant Of The Universe – 8. Kali Yuga – 9. Alpha Supernova – 10. The Voice Of Choronzon – 11. Rosa Mundi – 12. Morrigan’s Dawn


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