Swiss Black Metal project RAVENDUST set release date for the 2nd full-length album

Swiss Black Metal project Ravendust set August 18 as international release date for the 2nd full-length album “The Gold Of The Aura”.

Check out album trailer here:
Check out the Single “Existence” here:

Tracklisting and album cover art are as follows:
1. No God
2. The Dying Flamme
3. Existence
4. The Mermaid
5. Among Death
6. The Gold Of The Aura
7. Our Blood
8. Ravendust
9. Outro

Ravendust is the guitarist player of the Helvetic black metal bands «Chotzä» «Malphas» and «Temple»

«I’ve started my solo project in 2019, I had a lot of music unreleased and I really wanted to do something with it, creating this project was therefore obvious to me. I got no limitation about the theme and lyrics, I just go where I’m supposed to go with my music»

In 2020, «Ultragod» is realeased. The whole album is devoted to the art of war as much in the theme as in the violence of the music. 10 songs, 40 min of pure hate.

The second album «The Gold of the Aura» will be realeased in August of this year (2021) and promise to be more melancholy but just as brutal as its predecessor.

Ravendust is a solo project, no concert has been played until today but the future is uncertain …

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