CROWORD announce a massive Melodic Death Metal symphony with their new EP “Crimson Gaze” featuring a bonus live album

With CROWORD, one of the hottest Austrian Melodic Death Metal bands of the last years, announces its new release “Crimson Gaze” for September 03, 2021, via the German label NRT-Records. The Viennese metalheads around mastermind and bass player Lukas Rappitsch have been attracting attention for several years now with their brute and technically sophisticated Melodic Death Metal. The new EP consists of four brand new songs inspired by the works of painters such as Egon Schiele and Arnold Böcklin, who dealt with the abysses and peaks of human nature about 100 years ago. The harbinger of the second album planned for 2022 has been recorded at the Austrian Kochplatte Studio and Elophos Hill Studios. Andreas Koch has been responsible for the mix of the EP and none other than Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios), who already worked with Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy and many others, has been won over for the mastering. Today, CROWORD unveil the cover artwork designed by Irrwisch Artdesign (Mudhoney, Sólstafir, Dool). This gives the whole thing a fitting touch, along with red glowing eyes drilling into the depths of the soul. As a special gimmick, the EP features a secret link in the booklet that rewards CD buyers with the additional eleven songs from the live session “Live Is More Than Just Breathing”. Besides the live versions of the four new songs, it also comes with the last years’ best-of tracks, performed with raw emotion and a lot of sweaty passion in the premises of the Austrian University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. As the first single, the title track “Crimson Gaze” will be released on July 01, 2021. For a first glimpse, take a look at the new teaser for the EP:

The tracklist of the massive Melodic Death Metal symphony “Crimson Gaze” contains these songs performed with a proper portion of heaviness and clear melodies:

1. Crimson Gaze
2. Isle Of The Dead
3. Death And The Maiden
4. Secession (Where All The Reasons Are Lost)

The live session “Live Is More Than Just Breathing” is made up of this sweaty best of:
1. An Intimate Impression / Message Of The Dead
2. Beyond Obsidian Gates
3. Progress From Discontent
4. Isle Of The Dead
5. The Mountain
6. Death And The Maiden
7. Crimson Gaze
8. Manifest Of Mortal Sickness
9. Secession
10. The Longest Fall
11. A Crow’s Word

On June 10, 2021, CROWORD were featured as a special guest in the Death Metal Special presented by GrazConnected in partnership with NRT-Records with a live show at Scene Vienna. At this event also well-known musicians like Alex ‘Rector Stench’ Wank (Pungent Stench), Martin Messner (Disharmonic Orchestra), Manfred Perack (Disastrous Murmur) had a say in interviews. The entertaining event with CROWORD broadcasted live on Facebook can still be watched here:

Founded in 2012 in Styria, CROWORD put themselves in the public spotlight for the first time in 2016 with their demo EP “Manifest Of Mortal Sickness” and the lyric video for the title track, which was recognized with great appreciation in the international Metal scene. About a year later, CROWORD released their first album “The Great Beyond”, which presented a band that proved even more authenticity, technical finesse, power and depth compared to their debut. With their new EP and the accompanying live session, the Austrians will once again show the world what good Melodic Death Metal sounds like. The talented and charismatic bass player and bandleader Lukas Rappitsch, as well as the experienced drummer Johannes Eder, set a complex and catchy rhythm with their bass and drum line, which underscores the rough vocals of CROWORD’s new shouter Adrian Schattovits appealingly. With their unique solos, masterfully performed by their guitarist duo Julian Schattovits and Dino Sulic, the young band makes powerful statements.

Those who would now like to learn more about CROWORD and their sophisticated diverse Melodic Death Metal, reminiscent in its foundations of bands such as In Flames, At The Gates or Dark Tranquillity, are advised to take a trip to their website as well as their social media profiles at and Further information is of course also available at

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