THE DAY OF THE BEAST, ‘Indisputably Carnivorous’, out now; Music video for ‘Enter the Witch House’ premiere

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THE DAY OF THE BEAST have today released their fourth album, Indisputably Carnivorous, via Prosthetic Records. Accompanying the album release, the US based blackened death metal band are also today premiering a new music video for Enter The Witch House,via Distorted Sound.

Listen to Indisputably Carnivorous, via SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp.

OrderIndisputably Carnivorous here.


Speaking on the album release, the band comments: “This album was a blast to write and record. It’s really like nothing we’ve done before and yet, it’s 100% The Day of the Beast. We poured a lot into this record and we think people will be able to hear that. We hope everyone digs it!”

On Enter The Witch House‘s music video, the band adds: “The story in the video is essentially teenagers being lured into a witches lair, and their parents trying to track down their kids while also hunting the witch. The song was originally self-released on a short EP last year but we really felt it belonged on an album.”

Dripping with pure aggression and channelling evil through all inputs, Indisputably Carnivorous is the soundtrack to every raging nightmare brought to life. Shining a light on the darkest, filthiest corners of the human psyche by way of apocalyptic, horror-inspired storytelling – THE DAY OF THE BEAST have created a monster. Each track revolves around its own specific tale or theme, with inspiration coming from the likes of Clive Barker, Bram Stoker, and Lovecraft. The album name is taken from the Graham Masterson novel The Wells of Hell, and the title track is primarily based on that book. 

Recorded August – October 2020, in Hampton Roads, Virginia with the band overseeing all elements of recording the meat of the album themselves, they then enlisted Tony Petrocelly of Trepan Studios to track vocals. The album was mixed and mastered by Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios. Taking control of production themselves allowed the band – which features Steve Redmond from fellow Prosthetic signees, Foretoken – to set their own pace – they took the time to look back over past output, cherry-picking the elements they rated the most and bringing them together in one cohesive rager of an album. The result is a whiplash inducing thrash-via-death metal record; celebrating the legacy of the genre whilst adding their own indisputably blood-thirsty, indisputably abominable, indisputably carnivorous spin on it.

Watch the previously released lyric videos for Indisputably Carnivorous:
Disturbing Roars at Twilight
Black Forms Materialize
Indisputably Carnivorous

Indisputably Carnivorous tracklist:

1. Corruptor_Infestor
2. Disturbing Roars at Twilight
3. Indisputably Carnivorous
4. Enter The Witch House
5. Annihilation Prayer
6. Venomous Procession
7. On Top Many Layers of Horror
8. Black Forms Materialize
9. Judas in Hell Be Proud
10. On Wyverns Wings to Oblivion

Justin Shaw: Bass
Jeremy Bradley : Drums
Steve Redmond : Guitars
Bobby Phippins : Guitars
Steve Harris : Vocals

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