DEFORMATORY Unveil Music Video For “Beyond The Abhorrence” Off “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”

New Album “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon” Out September 3, 2021

Ottawa’s brutal duo Deformatory has crafted a maniacal and unconventional approach to extreme metal that has garnered the devotion of fans worldwide ever since their debut EP “A Prelude Of…” in 2011.

This year, they are releasing their third album “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”, with a sci-fi concept that picks up where 2016’s “Malediction” left off. Over time, as members joined and left the band, their sound has been reworked and redefined. Deformatory explains further:

“Initially, there were so many different ideas and flavours trying to get crammed into Deformatory that it never felt locked in. It’s safe to say that the new songs, especially for this album, are the closest Deformatory have ever been to truly sounding like itself.”

When asked what fans can expect from Deformatory, they reply:

“No frills. No bullshit. Just straight-up death metal. The goal is to leave people wondering what the hell just happened. A maniacal frenzy.”

The lyrics for this album are partly inspired by “The Scarlet Gospels” by Clive Barker’s and guitarist and vocalist Charlie Leduc’s own interpretation and expansion of the Hellraiser mythos. This is the foundation block that helped to propel the entire concept, which was uniquely crafted and independently developed.  The single and final track on the record, “Beyond The Abhorrence” starts to draw a conclusion to the predicament of an evil race of inter-dimensional light devourers find themselves in. 

A sonically relentless death metal experience, Deformatory is recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Origin, and Hate Eternal.

The music video for “Beyond The Abhorrence”, which was created by Riivata Visuals (who did the recent “Disruptor” music video for Fear Factory) can be viewed via NoCleanSinging HERE. 

The album “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon” will be released on September 3, 2021.

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Track Listing:
1. Within The Astral Abscess (5:20)
2. Behold, The Apex of Decay (4:36)
3. Enginieering The Wvrmhorde (4:39)

4. Summoning The Cosmic Devourer (7:13)
5. Masticated By An Infinite Shadow (4:30)
6. In The Embervoid Where Dead Stars Reign (3:52)

7. Deciphering The Archetype (3:53)
8. Impaled Upon The Carrionspire (5:01) (Classical guitar and solos by Jon Levasseur (ex-Cryptopsy))
9. Beyond The Abhorrence (4:13)
Album Length: 43:21

Album Band Line Up:
Charlie Leduc – Guitars & Vocals
Neil Grandy – Drums

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