Mexican Death Metal Act CRS Release “Live In Isolation” EP, Stream In Its Entirety!

Death metal act CRS(Cirrosis) release their blistering EP, “Live in Isolation” and stream the full video performance in its entirety via

The video can be viewed here:

The legendary band from the northwest of Mexico CRS (aka Cirrosis) lashes out with the release of new material entitled “LIVE IN ISOLATION”. It´s a four track EP recorded in an exclusive live session for the online festival “MOSHFEST” in September 2020, which includes a previously unrealesed song “The Daydreamer’s Nightmare” premiered at this E.P. with a guest singer “Quetzalín Dominguez” from the Mexican band “LOST NEBULA” you can watch below the video of this single as a promotional. After the international success achieved with his latest album “The Collector of Truths” and with more than 20 years without a live presentation, the live session emerges as a great gift for his followers. The EP shows that CRS is a high-level band that carefully develops all its aspects, the virtuosity of its musicians and their millimeter execution, the great sound and video quality, a clear image as a band but above all they give us a walk through different styles of metal that always lead to raging old school death metal. They celebrate 30 years of hate showing us that they have not died in any way. Its scenic presense is still as impressive as it was in the 90s. Sir OZ lets out angry screams of despair, Chucky sits on his throne as one of the greatest metal guitarrists in Mexico proving that it’s not all about complexity, but about good and powerful riffs and well-structured solos, jumping from style to style. and coloring with amazing acoustics and melodies, Tavo Ramírez shows the technical and precision level that a Latin American drummer can have, blast beats, good nuances but above all good taste. As if that were not enough, they have an extraordinary collaboration, the virtuoso and famous bassist Kello Gonzalez (PARAZIT, NATA) accompanies them providing innovative bass arrangements that show that great musicians end up recognizing themselves. The E.P. was recorded, mixed and mastered by its guitarist and multi-nominee Grammy: Francisco “Chucky” Oroz, it couldn´t be otherwise. But not everything ends there, since for all the followers that involve CIRROSIS the EP offers two live songs as BONUS TRACKS recorded in 2000 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, “Fariseos” and “Negando lo No Negadi ”in both tracks it´s possible to appreciate why they were the kings of the stage in those years, hatred, alkol and blood, in addition to an honest proposal is what these great death metal musicians transpired.


CRS is a Death Metal band from Sonora, Mexico, formed in 1991 with the name of Cirrosis by Francisco “Chucky” Oroz and Sir OZ, being the only original members in the current lineup. Due to their technical capacity they incorporated early progressive elements and melodic solos, CRS quickly gained notoriety in the local and national scene. Their live performances were characterized by their intensity and fury, soon becoming a cult band. In 1996, “Joseph Lev” joined the band and they recorded their first demo “La Tierra de la Adicción” which was distribuited limitedly. In 1999, CRS entered the studio and recorded the album “Reciclando Desesperación” totally in Spanish, in which they compiled their best  songs, they offered a range of styles of Death Metal quite extensive for their time, highlighting the quality of its production. The singles of this album were “Fariseos” “Dame Tu Muerte” and “Negando lo no Negado”. In 2001, CRS decided to break up, and their members continue with their personal and professional projects. In 2014, Concreto Records reissued the album “Reciclando Desesperación” describing it as “The maladaptive sound that disturbed a style in Mexico that can currently give lessons to current” modern bands”. 20 years later, CRS recorded their second studio album “The Collector of Truths” which was also be edited by Concreto Records in December 2019. They have released 5 videos “Asfixia” “Tan Lejos de Dios” “Kill My name”, “The Daydreamer´s Nightmare” and “A Better Place to Hate”. There are two international guests playing in the album, Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Chimaira), on drums in “A Better Place to Hate”, “Tan Lejos de Dios (Nowhere.. but here)” and “I’m the Universe”, also Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Alkaloid), play bass on “The Art of Breathing”. In september 2020, they made a Live Session for the online mexican festival “Moshfest” editing such work as an EP called “Live in isolotation”. 

Songs 1 to 4 were recorded at September 26, 2020 for the Moshfest festival at the Sonic Den studio, except for Kello Gonzalez at Soundboxstudio and Quetzalín Dominguez at Qsney studio. Drum Technician and Recording Engineer Max Arnold. Recording engineer in the collaboration of Quetzalín Dominguez, Jesús D. Quesney. Guitar technician, calibration and maintenance assistant Armando “Mr. Fastfingers ”Avila.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francisco “Chucky” Oroz in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.

The EP will be released on all major platforms as well as physical formats via Concreto Records June 21.

CRS is:

Sir OZ: Lead vocals.

Francisco “Chucky” Oroz: Lead Guitar.

Octavio Ramírez Urquidy: Drums


Joseph Lev: Guitar on all songs

Kello González: Bass on all songs.

Quetzalín Dominguez: Backing vocals in “The Daydreamer´s Nightmare.”


1 – Kill My Name live

2 – Tan Lejos De Dios live

3 – The Daydreamers Nightmare live

4 – I Am The Universe live

Bonus Tracks (Only in CD version): 

5 – Fariseos.  

6 – Negando lo No Negado

Songs 5 and 6 were recorded in Hermosillo, Sonora at July 14, 2000 for the “Desierto Pegando de Gritos” gig.

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