MINNERIKET presents blackness in all new colours

Minneriket launches the new single Sorg og savn (Sorrow and yearning) June 25th and this time with a full line-up of session musicians. Following the successful music video Hjemlengsel (by Valhallartworks) earlier this year, Sorg og savn continues to explore the edges of Black Metal, goth and classical music.

«This upcoming album will be my Stormblåst in terms of relevance» Akslen says. «The album has been a work in progress for years, and I never once backed down from the initial vision. To be able to bring forth a project of this size has been a dream come true, and this single is a taste of what’s to come».

For the first time ever Minneriket presents a full line-up of session musicians. Continuing the collaboration with Misstiq, Margarita Chernova and Norlene Olmedo, the single also features renowned musicians Māra Lisenko, Christina Rotondo, Elvann, Niklas Kveldulfsson, Ingrid.mariea and Maria Kosma. Sorg og savn is the first glimpse of this new roster as Stein Akslen of Minneriket expands his vision to bring forth a unique musical experience.

Commenting on this new way of working Akslen narrates: «I’m honoured that so many talentful individuals have contributed to bring forth my music. It’s inspiring to be working with people who understand music on a spiritual level. Seeing how dedicated people have been to the project is humbling and it makes me work even harder and perform even better. As it should be».

Sorg og savn is released on all relevant platforms June 25th 2021. Full-length album coming later this year.





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