BRAIN MATTER Announces November Release and Reveals “Internal Unrest” Single

Click here and listen to “Internal Unrest” right now at your choice of streaming platforms!

The single showcases one of the tracks off Brain Matter’s upcoming EP, which will be available November 19th via all digital outlets and on CD through The Charon Collective.

Marrying together their love for both raw metal and the machinations of industrial music, Brain Matter looks to deliver a message of hope in a cold and nihilistic world. Made up of Mangled Carpenter’s Seth Metoyer and Kris Olson, prepare yourself for a total sensory overload of crunching riffs, grinding keyboards, and pounding electronic drums.

Do you find yourself craving the uncomfortably serene sounds of Godflesh and the nastier and noisier elements of Nine Inch Nails? “Internal Unrest” will leave you craving more of the sonic punishment heading your way later this Fall. Welcome to the soundtrack for the Apocalypse… as provided by Brain Matter.

You can get more info on Brain Matter on their Facebook page.

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