SIDEREAN stream EDGED CIRCLE debut album at – new incarnation of TELEPORT

Today, mind-bending death metallers Siderean stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Lost on Void’s Horizon, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on June 25th via Edged Circle Productions, hear Siderean‘s Lost on Void’s Horizon in its entirety exclusively HERE.

One of the most singular bands orbiting the death metal underground in the past decade, Siderean began life in 2010 under the moniker Teleport. Shortly after forming, the Ljubljana, Slovenia-based band promptly set course for a prodigious schedule of self-released demos, each one perfecting their slithering, shapeshifting sound. Undoubtedly inspired by Gorguts, Voivod, and Australia’s Stargazer and yet finding contemporaries in Blood Incantation and Sacriphyx, Teleport truly hit their stride with 2018’s The Expansion, which so impressed Edged Circle that the label released a worldwide CD version the next year. As aptly titled as the band’s moniker, The Expansion weaved a winding, oft-bewildering path across its three-track/21-minute runtime. Sulfurous to the very end, one could pin tags like “prog” or “tech” or simply “that’s crazy, man!” onto Teleport‘s style of death metal, but within their attacking angularity existed actual hooks – malformed and mesmerizing, of course, but HOOKS to hold onto as you sink deeper into their maelstrom…

Seeing that the Teleport moniker had run its course and seeking even more-beyond means to express themselves, the name Siderean was chosen – as was Edged Circle as the label to release their long-awaited debut album. At last here, bearing the evocative title Lost on Void’s HorizonSiderean‘s first full-length handily eclipses past, not-inconsiderable accomplishments – and then blasts off into new worlds unknown. The two-song Sidereal Evolution EP (released by Edged Circle in October 2020) teased with an even crisper iteration of that uniquely serpentine flow, and upped the hooks in the process. Those two epic songs are reprised here, and signpost a sea-change in the new-look Siderean world: no more sulfur, no more murk, just sparkling ‘n’ sidewinding mental wreckage that’s “death metal” in deed but not fully by definition. For one, one could argue that Lost on Void’s Horizon is a deceptively beautiful listen – yes, beautiful – in that way that lucid dreams drip into nightmares; credit much of this superlative development to the lead-guitar work, which brings the spaciness and then some. For another, that perceivable “cleaning up” actually reveals an even-more-organic entity, as each drop of sweat tastes that much sweeter when not buried under miles of reverb; the songwriting, consequentially, hits with even more urgency and fluidity. Credit due to Slovenia producer Anže Čanžek, with expert mastering courtesy of Horrendous’ Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studio.

Or, one could simply submit to Siderean‘s cosmic flow and marvel at the wonders they so effortlessly unfurl, this time across six linked songs in an impossibly epic 41 minutes. Graced with suitably spacey  cover art courtesy of Fernando JFL, Lost on Void’s Horizon marks the grand arrival of Siderean!

Witness the full sounds of that arrival exclusively HERE, courtesy of Preorder info can be found HERE at Edged Circle‘s Bandcamp. Aforementioned cover art  and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Siderean’s Lost on Void’s Horizon
1. Eolith [9:15]
2. Traversing [1:42]
3. Lost on Void’s Horizon [9:05]
4. Sidereal Evolution [6:47]
5. Coalescing into the Expanse [6:19]
6. Abyssophora [7:40]


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