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Today, vampires of black imperial blood Nigrum Pluviam premiere the new track “From the Earth to the Abyss Through Suffering” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated debut album, Eternal Fall Into the Abyss, set for international release on July 30th via Signal Rex on vinyl LP format. Hear Nigrum Pluviam‘s “From the Earth to the Abyss Through Suffering” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

A band born too late, Nigrum Pluviam play rotten black metal not meant for these modern times. The band is the work of one feverish madman named Kraëh Määtruum, who’s lately quite prolific within the other bands a part of the Garde Noire collective – which includes, of course, Nigrum Pluviam. Much like their native Black Legions before them, this French cabal explore all the wildest and worst dungeons lurking below black metal’s very furthest thresholds, and Nigrum Pluviam are arguably the most intense distillation of these sensations.

Following a super-limited split and then a limited tape courtesy of Signal RexNigrum Pluviam now strike with their first full-length, Eternal Fall Into the Abyss. Ghoulish, ghastly, and grounded in the diseased soil of the mid ’90s, mainman Kraëh Määtruum conjures riffs that are tensely triumphant and hypnotically hovering in equal measure. It’s a record conjured on his admittedly sparse equipment, bare-bones and minimalistic as it comes, and fittingly captured during the cursed winter of 2020 – but its maladroit, malodorous spell hits with an impact that’s hackle-raising, its sounds deceptively shimmering and sending sine-waves of senses-distorting terror. Also fittingly, the lyrics describe scenes of agony of mankind, the fall of Christianity, and the death of living beings; no one is spared this Eternal Fall Into the Abyss, not even KM himself, and most especially NOT YOU.

No hope, no fun, no “feels,” no selfies, just NOTHING: Nigrum Pluviam empty out the basement with Eternal Fall Into the Abyss.

Take the next step into that basement with the brand-new track “From the Earth to the Abyss Through Suffering” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Take the first step into that basement with the previously revealed “A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrying the Divine Cross” HERE at Signal Rex‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Nigrum Pluviam’s Eternal Fall Into the Abyss
1. The Whisper of the Black Rain [2:03]
2. A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrrying the Divine Cross [6:24]
3. The Reflection of Your Agony in the Vulture’s Eyes [7:11]
4. Devotion to Absolute Evil [3:12]
5. Passage    [2:39]
6. In the Suffocating Mist [7:35]
7. Shadows and Lights [6:18]
8. From the Earth to the Abyss Through Suffering [6:35]

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