Canada’s extreme metal trio SCARLET OATH join The Charon Collective to debut their album “Blood and Fire”

Click here and listen to “Conquered” right now at your choice of streaming platforms!

The single exhibits one of the haunting hymns off Scarlet Oath’s upcoming album, “Blood and Fire,” which will be available July 16th via limited digital outlets and on CD through The Charon Collective.

Canada’s Scarlet Oath is bringing their own concoction of doom, death, black, and gothic metal to the masses through The Charon Collective. July 16th will see the release of the debut album “Blood and Fire” on CD and through the group’s Bandcamp. If Prince Prospero were to hire live entertainment for his Masquerade of the Red Death, the morbidly cloaked and hooded figures of Scarlet Oath would be the perfect main attraction.    

The mysterious shrouded trio is made up of lead vocalist and drummer Mordecai, female vocalist and keyboardist Atara, and guitarist / bassist Matar. Scarlet Oath build upon the foundations established by the musical inspirations of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Tristania, and Moonspell. At the same time, they strive to forge ahead and create a unique sound that offers the hope of redemption from the depths of despair and darkness.

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