CARNATION release ‘Spirit Excision’ drum playthrough

Belgian death metal outfit CARNATION are now releasing an official drum playthrough video for the track ‘Spirit Excision’ from their latest album ‘Where Death Lies’! The playthrough was performed by Vincent Verstrepen and can be watched via the Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE. The link may be freely spread throughout your channels.

CARNATION comment: ”Spirit Excision is the fourth track on our album ‘Where Death Lies’ and my favourite tune on the record! This song is a combination between groove, accents, double bass, blast beats and some concert toms that I started using while feeling inspired by Neil Peart!”

Carnation -Spirit Excision (Drum Playthrough) Vincent Verstrepen

‘Where Death Lies’ was released on September 18, 2021, and can be streamed and ordered in various formats HERE. The artwork and further details album can be found below.

1. Iron Discipline (3:52) (WATCH)
2. Sepulcher of Alteration (4:22) (WATCH)
3. Where Death Lies (3:26) (WATCH)
4. Spirit Excision (3:46)
5. Napalm Ascension (4:09)
6. Serpent’s Breath (4:47)
7. Malformed Regrowth (3:09)
8. Reincarnation (5:24)
9. In Chasms Abysmal (7:39)
Total playing time: 40:34

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