ABYSS ABOVE – ‘Dead silence’ new single

Emerging from previous release ‘Doombound’, Abyss Above is coming back with a new single ‘Dead Silence‘. Main goal of this track is to display the evolution of style towards more experimental structures, accompanied by dark atmosphere alongside hard-hitting riffs, relentless blast beats and abrasive vocals. As a part of the trilogy this is the first piece of Abyss Above progress which will be revealed on their upcoming EP ‘Inevitable End‘.

Exploring new sound, ‘Inevitable End’ will be more focused on instrumental aspects which will be showcased throughout the EP – ranging from crushing riffs to contrasting melodic and emotional parts that will drag the listener into the world of Abyss Above. This acts as a stepping stone for the identity that Abyss Above is creating around themselves with much more to be uncovered down the road.

Abyss Above, based in Slovakia was created in 2015. During the years and despite many member changes, Abyss Above is going strong to solidify their spot within Deathcore genre. With two EPs and a third one on the way, Abyss Above shows no signs of stopping. EP ‘Doombound’ proved that the band is ready to take it to the next level with first single ‘Omega’ off the EP which made its way onto the official Deathcore Spotify playlist. Their most recent single ‘Dead Silence’ further proves that Abyss Above is a force to be reckoned with and showcases progress the band has made throughout the years and will be further explored on the upcoming EP ‘Inevitable End’. The band blends deathcore, black metal, metalcore and thall genres to create their own take on a deathcore sound. With aggressive vocals, powerful low-tuned guitars, atmospheric arrangements, crisp metallic bass and heavy hitting drums, Abyss Above is showing their young potential.

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